Feeling really depressed about current job situation
Ok so today I went to The Rainforest Cafe to return an application/resume as I handed my application back to the manager she told me she was going to go get someone to do a quick interview with me, so I stayed where I was waiting for her to return with someone to interview with me, I waited for almost 20 minutes and no one showed up, they actually just left me there standing in front of the store waiting for an interview that was never going to happen. I went to another member of the staff and asked them to go find the manager because I was supposed to have an interview, when she returned she told me and I quote "I don't think we're interested, they decided not to go through with the interview" so this whole time I waited 20 minutes for nothing, not one person could at least come up to me and at least tell me they weren't interested but no they had to leave me their in front of the store for 20 minutes with no intention of actually coming back and talking to me, how embarrassing is that?

Probally Won't be online till after the day after the New Years
Just letting everyone know that I won't be online until AFTER New Years since I don't have my own computer and am relying on the Library computer to get online, and since Its a holiday the library will be closed on Dec 31st till Jan 1st so I promise to answer all email ASAP but I will not be online for a few days. This post is directed to all whom I have been emailing to for advice/help with lolita.

Have a Happy New Years ladies and gentlemen

Bows and ruffles on a big girl, can it look good?
Ok so I am sure you all know I am a slightly larger girl, something people keep telling me is starting to annoy me and its that people keep saying that a dress with a decent amount of bows and ruffles won't look good on someone bigger. Is this always necessarily true? Because I do NOT agree.

i looked at epicute and now i am starving O.O

About to order my first Gothic Lolita Dress
i am so excited i am going to be ordering my very first gothic lolita dress from www.rakuenfashion.com dress number 502! i can't wait! i know it needs some alterations but thats no big deal, it even comes with a standard headdress and petticoat!!! so excited :3

wondering if i'll make some new friends here
I am wondering if i'll be able to make new friends here friends who are into stuff like Lolita, anime and jrock and who aren't 16 ( i just turned 22 this year) its kinda sad feeling like the only Lolita in CT =(


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