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Bows and ruffles on a big girl, can it look good?
Ok so I am sure you all know I am a slightly larger girl, something people keep telling me is starting to annoy me and its that people keep saying that a dress with a decent amount of bows and ruffles won't look good on someone bigger. Is this always necessarily true? Because I do NOT agree.

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That's not true at all. Anyway, does it matter? The people that dictate what bigger girls can wear think that the sole purpose of plus size fashion is to look thinner. If all anyone thought about while getting dressed was looking thinner, everyone would be wearing a black A-line skirt, black tights, sandals, and a black tailored bolero, all with grey pin striping. That's what I've taken from all the "what you should wear if you're fat" talk. Any way, you'll never look how they want unless if you are thin. I'll wear whatever I want and so should you and everyone else in the word! I don't dress to look thin. I dress to feel good, because when you truly feel good it doesn't matter what people think. Especially ignorant people with no knowledge of international fashion and pop culture.

it really depends on the dress and the placement of the bows and ruffles. everybody's measurements are different and what looks good on one person, doesn't work on everyone.

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