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wondering if i'll make some new friends here
I am wondering if i'll be able to make new friends here friends who are into stuff like Lolita, anime and jrock and who aren't 16 ( i just turned 22 this year) its kinda sad feeling like the only Lolita in CT =(

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I am into the Lolita, anime, Manja thing too and I just turned 29. There are a few of us older people in here :) I added you as a friend- hope that is ok :)

Hello! I don't live in CT (I live in WA), however I have a big interest in lolita and am not 16. ^.^ lol. However, I'm not THAT much older (or so I like to think). I'm 19. I haven't personally met another lolita in my life yet. I find comfort in the writings of Novala Takemoto. I think many lolitas struggle with loneliness.

Here are some English translations of excerpts from his advice column for lolitas.

You can also see the movie Kamikaze Girls made after his book Shimotsuma Monogatari (also the name of the movie in Japan) on youtube.

oh i have seen Kamikaze girls! its so cute! you know a good place to meet other lolita's is at conventions(anime conventions usually)

I'm older than you, but don't tell anyone. *blush*
I live all the way in FL, but we can be friends online. ; )
don't be bais against all younger people around the age of
16 please, I have a couple good friends that I share a lot in
common with that are around that age. I am into lolita, cosplay, anime, and manga.

try to talk to your friends and other people local to you to
find lolita friends or try to get your friends into lolita too.
that is pretty much what I did, till I found other people in my
area into that were into lolita. also people in the cosplay community are very welcoming to the lolita style, so you can
go to local cosplay events and dress in lolita. or have meetups/photoshoots with people doing cosplay and lolita.

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