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kiki_punky's Journal

24 April
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Hi i am Randi, I am 22 years old and I happen to be a Gothic Lolita and a Goth, I am very much into Japanese culture, I simply ADORE the Gothic and Lolita style and all that it represents as well as the Goth subculture, I am here on live journal now because I want to meet of Gothic Lolita's and Goths in and around New England and I want to start being involved more in the Lolita community as well as the Goth community. I will tell you now that I HATE rap, hip hop and R&B with a fierce passion and I will not befriend anyone who claims to be "URBAN" I hate the Ghetto community and I believe life should be about beauty, elegance, and above all creativity, I am here to make friends with others like myself, other lolita's of all kinds be it sweet lolita's or gothic lolita's. Hope you enjoyed my profile <3